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UI Deck for Mobile

Whether you’re building an HTML5 mobile app, mobile website or prototype, UI Deck for mobile is a flexible collection of 13 easily customizable views ready to drop and go into any project.

You’ll get:

  • 13 organized, layered PSDs
  • Full HTML/CSS/JS for each of the 13 views using clean well organized code

Views Included:

  • Articles List
  • Article detail
  • Chat
  • Contacts List
  • Photos Grid
  • Photos List
  • Products List
  • Product Details
  • Profile
  • Search Results Grid
  • Search Results List
  • Sign-In
  • To-do List

UI Deck for mobile uses Ratchet (http://goratchet.com) but is compatible and easily adaptable with virtually any HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework such as PhoneGap/Cordova, Trigger.io, AppGyver and others.

But where are the fancy animations or transitions?
We left out the eye-candy in favor of delivering solid HTML and clean CSS. Why? Because we find that everyone’s project needs are different. Rather than toss in a bunch of eye candy you might not ever want or use, UI Deck provides a solid foundation to create any number of apps. You can drop in any JS transition or CSS animations library you like.

Product Roadmap
We're planning to roll out upgrades to UI Deck in the coming weeks. Everyone who buys UI Deck at anytime will be eligible for updates. Including:

  • Additional views
  • An alternate version using the ionic framework (http://ionicframework.com/)
  • Boilerplates for integrating AngularJS

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments! Thanks :)
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Minh Seoul

Nghề chính là chém gió, quăng bom và ném lựu đạn. Nghề phụ là cắt cỏ, chém chuối, cưa cây......

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