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Auto Dealer v2.0 – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Definitely Auto Dealer is absolutely unique powerful WordPress tools for selling autos and other motor-technic. Considering all trends Auto Dealer is quite unique product you may not meet no one here in Theme Forest with similar features, and moreover code quality.

This product built with best MVC practice and ready to be infinite-scalable system. Every good PHP specialist will enjoy with theme code and ideology.

Important Notes for updating previous versions to 2.0:

If you’re previously installed Auto Dealer and now looking to update your version to latest 2.0 you will need to link your transport types with makes. We suggest follow next steps after update:
  1. Login to admin area and navigate to Referenses from left side navigation.
  2. Open Make and link it with appropriate transport types.
  3. Same things you will need to make for Models tabl.


Nghề chính là chém gió, quăng bom và ném lựu đạn. Nghề phụ là cắt cỏ, chém chuối, cưa cây......

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